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Catherine Levack

Pilates Instructor

Qualifications -

Pilates CYQ level 3 instructor 2011
Pilates for orthopaedic conditions
APPI Pilates Matwork instructor 2021
Pilates for Osteoporosis
HIIT Pilates
Pilates for scoliosis

About Me

I first tried Pilates 20 years ago and for the first time in many years I felt more supple, lean and flexible, and quickly became more aware of my posture and alignment. Feeling fitter and stronger increased my self-confidence and encouraged me to return to some of the sports I had enjoyed as a teenager. I love helping clients to become stronger and to move more freely.

Most of my classes are mixed level and I often start with a lower level move before progressing, making it possible for everyone to work at a pace that suits them on the day. Pilates is such a wonderful form of exercise as it can be adapted for anyone and I love what I do, whether it’s teaching face-to-face classes or on Zoom.


Background & Experience





Qualified as a Physiotherapist

Masters in Neurological Rehab

Qualified as a Pilates instructor APPI

Started teaching for Body & Motion

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Contact Us


07803 176 491


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