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Terms and Conditions for Body & Motion Pilates and Physiotherapy

By accepting services from Julia Edwards you are agreeing to pay Julia Edwards for the cost incurred.

Classes are pre-paid in advance for a full or half term.  No refunds will be issued for unused sessions (for example if you are too tired, unwell, staying late at work or going on holiday) and it is not possible to carry payments over after end of the term/half. If you miss your usual session you are welcome to make up within the term/half term by attending another class – I allow 1 extra person as a make up in each class.  You can also make up missed classes by coming to a Zoom class or using a video. You could also have a friend use your space as long as they fill in a health form.

If for any reason I have to cancel the class all attempts will be made to contact students via email or phone. Each new student has to fill in a health form prior to their first class. This information will be shared with the class instructors as appropriate. The health forms will need updating regularly in line with our insurance requirements.

It is your responsibility to let the instructor know if anything changes with your health before each class.

If you are pregnant or become pregnant it is your responsibility to let Julia Edwards and the instructor know, and check with your midwife or GP that you are ok to exercise.

It is also the responsibility of each student to listen to their own body at all times during a Pilates session and only to do those exercises which feel comfortable, and keep to a comfortable level of exercise within the class.   The student is responsible for stopping participating in any practice which causes pain and to inform the teacher immediately.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the area around them is kept clear of any obstacles or hazards, particularly when attending a Zoom class or using a video.

By attending you consent to participate and assume all risks.

All belongings left unattended at the Pilates venue are at the owner’s risk.


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