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Postnatel Pilates

Pilates is a great way to get back into exercise after having a baby.

You can start at 6 weeks (12 weeks if you have had a caesarean). You should start gently and build up your level of exercise within the class as you become able. Pilates focuses on the core muscles so will help with pelvic floor weakness and improving deep abdominal control which should help to flatten the tummy and support the back.

It is important to keep the exercises comfortable and not to force any of the stretches. Relaxin, the hormone that softens the ligaments in pregnancy can stay in the system for many months after giving birth.

Don’t rush to increase the level of your exercises. There is a technique to be learnt with Pilates and spending time to understand how your body is working and ensuring the deep muscles are strong enough before you start to challenge the muscles more is important so that you strengthen the muscles correctly to help develop abdominals that draw flat rather than encouraging them to brace and dome.

If we are not offering a specific postnatal class a beginners or low level class would be the best class to start in after having a baby, after half a term you may well feel ready to progress to a general level class. If you have a few postnatal friends please contact us about having a small class together.

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